80’s Wednesday Movie Night 3-18-09

This week we are bringing out more of the classics. ┬áThe first flick is “Better Off Dead” featuring John Cusack (1985) or Lane Meyer is a depressed teen who looses his girlfriend Beth. This is her reason for the split; “Lane, I think it’d be in my best interest if I dated somebody more popular. Better looking. Drived a nicer car.” Anyway, poor Lane is left alone and thinks up treacherous ways of killing himself. He finally meets a French beauty called Monique and falls for her. Simultaneously, he must endure his mothers terrible cooking which literally slides off the table, his disgusting next door neighbour Ricky (and his mum) and he must prepare for the skiing race of his life – to get his old girlfriend back! (notes credited to IMDB)

Hit up our happy hour .. Coming soon is the debut of Acid Wash Wednesdays (starting on March 25, 2009 presented by Vegas Mike.

The 2nd Movie is the Local and national classic “North Shore” with Nia Peeples. (1987) Before entering art school next autumn, Rick sets out to spend the summer surfing at Hawaii. He knows nothing about the local habits, what causes him some starting problems, but by chance he gets a room in the house of guru Chandler. He teaches him the difference between ‘soul surfers’ and those who surf for fame and money. Also he manages to get the attention of a beautiful young native. (Features special appearances by real-life champions like Shaun Tompson, Derek Ho and others in many surfing scenes) IMDB

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